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Waterfall El Limon Dominican Republic

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The waterfall El Limon is 40 meters high, falling into a natural pool where you can take a refreshing bath after the exhausting way of getting there. This incredible Waterfall is located in Samana, in the middle of the dense tropical rain forest.

Most trips to this waterfall leave from Las Paradas, a place where farmers wait for the visitors. The prices for the Tour vary on whether you would prefer to go walking or on horseback. At the Paradas they offer not only the guided tour but also food, typical handmade objects, and amazing fresh organic cocoa or coffee, at a good price!

Even the way to the El Limón waterfall is an adventure. Through dense forest it is 2.5 km on foot or with a horse over lush green hills. On the way, you can observe the flora and fauna. Alternatively, you can kayak the waterfall across the El Limón River.

Domestic plants such as royal palms and pineapples grow in abundance here. Many different species of birds live here, including the national bird of the Dominican Republic, the palm babbler, as well as shark woodpeckers and broad-billed tuft. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the El Limón waterfall. A refreshing swim awaits you in the emerald-green pools under the waterfall, in the middle of the jungle and surrounded by the roaring El Limón.

At El Limón, the use of any type of motor vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) or bicycles are prohibited, only transportation by an animal or on foot is permitted. This in order to avoid negative environmental impact, maintaining the place with all its natural attributes.



El Limon Waterfall, Dominican Republic

Salto el Limon, Samana

Dominican Jumping of El Limon Waterfall by Godominicanrepublic

El Limon Waterfall by Godominicanrepublic

I hope this Blog about El Limon Waterfall was helpful and informative to you if you have any questions leave them down in the comments at the end of this Blog. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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