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Top 10 Reason to Emigrate to the Dominican Republic

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Each of us has their own reason to emigrate to the Dominican Republic, Money, Love, Sunshine, Food, Sports, or all of these things together. What I can guarantee is that there are enough reasons to Emigrate to the Dominican Republic, that’s why I will give you a list of 10 Mayor reasons to come live to the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is one of the Main Tourism Spots in the World, this is mainly due to its incredible variety of Pristine Caribbean Beaches, tropical weather all year round, its unique people that are known for being helpful and friendly. For this and more the Dominican Republic is known as a destination with a lot to offer!

If you have felt attracted to the Dominican Republic and its lifestyle, here are the Top 10 Reasons to Emigrate here:

1. Low Rental Costs:

One of the advantages of living in the Dominican Republic is the low cost that represents getting a Home Rental and the low costs of Basic services to some degree. In the Dominican Republic, it’s possible for you to pay less for purchasing or renting properties than most other countries in Latin America and Central America. You can find a 2-Bedroom Apartment rental in the City for 300-500$ USD with maintenance included, you will find the best price-quality ratio for apartments in Santiago and Santo Domingo. Good Apartments for Sale usually start around the 100,000$ USD mark and upwards, this is an incredible price compared to most other places in America and the Caribbean.

If you want to live the beach life the price of rent will be higher on the Coasts since they are the main Tourism Hotspots, Example: Cabarete, Punta Cana, Sosua, Samana, Puerto Plata, La Romana, and other areas. In these areas you will find rentals in Expat areas usually start at 500$ all the way up to the thousands per month. On the Coasts, you also will find more Villa Rentals with big pools, big gardens, and space for all your friends, of course for the right price.

So it’s really up to you and the lifestyle you want to live, but the option of Economic living is available in the Dominican Republic, but you can also live a very Luxurious Lifestyle in the Dominican Republic.

2. Advantages for Foreign Retirees:

The Government of the Dominican Republic has made it very easy and accessible for retirees from all over the World to Emigrate to the Island with good conditions. All you have to do to qualify for a Provisional Residency as a retiree is to present your Monthly pension income which has to be just over 1,500$ USD per month and 250$ USD extra for any person coming with you. This Provisional Residency can be given to you in just 45 Days. There are many reasons you can give to explain your decision of wanting to Migrate to the Dominican Republic, you just have to educate yourself about which is the best option for you.

You will receive good advantages and financial extensions, helping you and your family live a better life with your pension.


3. Transportation Infrastructure:

The Dominican Republic has seen an incredible transformation in the various Transportation routes such as Highways, Airports, Cruise Ship Ports, and Metro. Over the past 10 years, the Highways and streets all around the island have been improved, we have new highways connecting the main cities, improving national transportation a lot. National Tourism and transportation has greatly improved over the years with big projects yet to come.

There are International Airports in all the Main Tourism areas and Cities, which make international traveling super easy and efficient. You can be in Miami in 2 Hours from the Dominican Republic with direct flights from all over the USA and Canada landing every day all over the Island. You will always find an airport with the right flight for you.

On the North Coast in the City of Puerto Plata they are working on the second Cruise Ship port which is a huge international investment for the area. There is also various different cargo ports all around the island to receive international shipments, the Dominican Republic is very well-connected internationally.

In Santo Domingo, you will find the most extensive Metro in the Caribbean, which transports hundreds of thousands of people a day. They also recently build a big cable car system for transportation in the city of Santo Domingo, it’s a totally new and unique way of transportation.


4. Lifestyle Quality:

The general lifestyle of the Dominican Republic is probably better than in your hometown. Here you can enjoy tropical weather all year round, no winters, incredible fresh fruits, rich international food culture, friendly people, beautiful Caribbean beaches, freshwater rivers, and lagoons. There is so much natural beauty and different landscapes on this island, it will be very difficult for you to choose your favorite area to settle down. I have been living on the Island for 14 years and I still have so much to explore and live up.

If you love Nature you will find yourself in paradise here, you will always have another place to visit and explore. With all kinds of activities to try out, really all kinds!

5. Investment Opportunities:

The Dominican Republic has come a very long way in the development and growth of big industries. The Government has been providing ideal conditions for foreign investment into the country to boost the National Economy and it has been working incredibly. The natural landscapes of the Dominican Republic attract millions of tourists a year and some decide to live here for the rest of their life.

You can see more Luxury Hotels being built, Luxury Villas with Pristine beach access, or Apartment Towers in the City, there’re big investments going up all around the Island. There are still industries with lots of potential to develop and create a big business, but bigger profits also mean bigger risks, so before investing in anything make sure you prepare properly. There’s a lot of going on here on this island in the business world and you can become part of it, investors from all over the world have decided to come to settle and do their business here. To take advantage of the Financial incentives the government provides to foreign investors.

6. Job Options:

The Dominican Republic is part in the group of countries that have managed to exponentially lower their percentage of unemployment in all Central and South America. The Unemployment percentage was at 5,5% in 2018 which is a great number for Latin America. If you are a skilled laborer, with a good resume and more important, qualities of a good employee, there is a job out there for you on this island.

If you come to work in the Dominican Republic make sure you find the right spot on the island for you because you will find many lifestyles on this island and it will mostly depend on where you live.

7. Culture and Entertainment

You can explore all the beauty this island has to offer but you can also explore all the incredible people that live on it, here you never know who you might meet. The Island is in a very central position in the Caribbean with influence from visitors that have come from all around the globe. The variety of people and cultures you find in the Dominican Republic is amazing and somehow they all coexist on this beautiful Island.

For the Entertainment the island has more to offer then you would expect, apart from all the activities you can do in the incredible natural landscapes, you can also go to the City and go shopping in huge malls. You will find Movie theaters, clubs, restaurants, parks, bars, musical events, and more in the main cities of the Dominican Republic.


8. Bilingual Education

When you decide to emigrate to the Dominican Republic with your family, you will be worried about your child’s education, but you can be sure you will find the right educational center here for your kids. All cities have public school institutions which are pretty crowded but totally free, yet you can find a variety of private schools in most ex-pat towns. Since there always have been a lot of foreigners living in the Dominican Republic, the ex-pats decided to create bilingual schools for their kids. These schools mostly have very high standards and impart most of their classes in English, they prepare their students for the international business world.

I myself came to the Dominican Republic just knowing how to speak German, now I speak fluent Spanish, English, and German.

9. Easy Migration

If you qualify for any of the migration reasons to the Dominican Republic, as an investor, retiree, worker or dual citizenship, the process will be pretty straight forward and easy. The Government has been working on making the process more accessible and easy to the Public. If you want to visit from the USA, Canada, or Europe you don’t have to worry about a visa. When you arrive at the Dominican Republic you buy a temporal Tourist visa for $10 which will be valid for 2 months, you can stay here two months legally as tourist. If you stay longer than 2 months there will be a penalty depending on how long you stayed, this will be paid when leaving the airport.

10. Commercial Variety

If you love shopping, doing groceries, or buying furniture, you don’t worry, the Dominican Republic has a huge Commercial variety in the Cities of Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Santiago. You will find big modern malls, big brand shops, IKEA and fast-food chains, everything a city heart could desire.

You can also find all kinds of imported goods from all over the world, Motorcycles, Jet Skies, Boats, Cars, and more. So don’t worry about finding things to buy, there enough selection on this island.

I hope this blog about the 10 Reasons to emigrate the Dominican Republic has been helpful and informative to you if you have any questions leave them down in the comments at the end of this blog.

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  1. Margie Claase says:

    Hello Serafin, thank you for your great information.
    I have been living in Luperon on the north coast now for 20 years.
    An added bonus here is a really safe hurricane harbor for sailors staying in the Caribbean for the summer. We enjoy this too as we are always meeting new people with interesting lives.
    May we soon all be back to normal lives to enjoy the tourism this island is missing right now.

    1. Serafin Fleischer replied:

      Thank you very much for commenting and leaving a helpful tip to future visitors! Puerto Plata is awesome

  2. Missmjxoxo says:

    Considering living between NY and the Caribbean. DR has always been at the top of my list. This info helps greatly in my decision making. Thanks!

    1. Serafin Fleischer replied:

      2 hour flight from the DR, very accessible. If you can have a job in NY and your free time in the DR its an awesome life. Check out my other articles, you will find lots of helpful info!