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20 Things you probably didn’t know about the Dominican Republic

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There are some very interesting facts about the Dominican Republic and things that happened there, here I will give you a List of 20 Things you probably didn’t know about the Dominican Republic.

So I have been living in the Dominican Republic for a long time now, it has been incredible and I have learned so much. But every time I think I have seen it all I find something new that will amaze me even more, that’s the magic of the Dominican Republic. So I decided to write this article about some very interesting facts and things you probably didn’t know about the Dominican Republic, hopefully, you will be surprised. Here you go with a list of things you probably didn’t know about the Dominican Republic:

1. The Native people of La Hispaniola, Los Tainos, had been living on the Island since around the 7th Century. (Year 700)

2. The Dominican Republic is sharing the Island of La Hispaniola with Haiti, but not only coexist two independent countries on one Island, but this Island also was the First settled land in America in 1492

3. Santo Domingo is the First City in All North and South America founded in 1496

4. In Santo Domingo also was build the First Catholic Cathedral in the Americas also in 1496

5. In 1503 the First Hospital in the Americas was Build and named Hospital de San Nicolas

6. Santo Domingo is also the home place of the first university in the Americas

7. The Creation of the Dancing styles Merengue and Bachata is attributed to the Dominicans

8. The Rhino Iguana is a very rare type of Iguana only found on the Island of La Hispaniola

9. The famous Blue Larimar Stone Gem is only found in the Dominican Republic

10. The Film Director Francis Ford Coppola filmed scenes for the Godfather 2 in Santo Domingo

11. The Enriquillo Lake in the Dominican Republic is the lowest point in the Caribbean with 135 feet (ca. 41 m) below Sea Level

12. In the Dominican Republic, Slavery was Banished around 1822 during the Haitian Occupation

13. The Dominican Republic is the 10th most populated Island in the World and it is the Most Populated Island of America

14.The Ex Dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in his first visit to Spain was received with a Huge Military Parade and was treated like a King

15. Jack Veneno the Dominican Wrestler had an international fight with Ric Flair US wrestling Champion on the 29th of August and won the Match becoming the Wrestling Champion ( El Campeon de la bolita del Mundo )

16. Alberto Torres de la Mota was the First Dominican Athlete to Participate in the Olympic Games of 1964 in the City of Tokyo, he participated in the 100 m and 200 m plane runs

17. The Martial Art Legend Bruce Lee visited the Dominican Republic and shared some lessons in the Cities of Santiago, Santo Domingo, and La Vega

18. Audrys Nin Reyes is a Dominican Gymnast who won Gold in the World Gymnastic Championship

19. Ramon Mateo is the first person to receive the international title of Chess Grand Master

20. In 1994 Michael Jackson and Lisa Presley married in the City of La Vega in the Dominican Republic

I hope this blog about things you probably didn’t know about the Dominican Republic has been helpful and informative to you if you have any questions leave them down in the comments at the end of this blog.

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