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Most Incredible Rivers and Lagoons of the Dominican Republic

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Enjoy the list of the most incredible Rivers, Natural Pools, and Lagoons you can visit in the Dominican Republic, Click on the Name or Picture of your favorite place to see the location on Google Maps:

  1. Natural Pool San Rafael – Barahona
  2. Natural Pool of Villa Míriam – Barahona
  3. Natural Pool Comate – Bayaguana
  4. Rio La Ventana – San José de las Matas
  5. Waterfall Salto Alto – Bayaguana
  6. Natural Pool Las Marías – Neyba
  7. River Masipedro – Bonao
  8. Natural Pool La Confluencia – Jarabacoa
  9. Natural Pool Las Barías – La Descubierta
  10. Natural Pool La Cortina – La Vega 
  11. Natural Pool El Cachón de la Rubia – Santo Domingo Este
  12. Enriquillo Lake – National Park Cabritos
  13. Laguna de Oviedo – National Park Jargua
  14. Laguna Dudu – Cabrera
  15. Laguna Gri Gri – Rio San Juan
  16. Laguna Rincon – Town of Cabral
  17. Natural Pool Los Patos – Los Patos
  18. Rio Caño Frio –  Samana
  19. Rio Chavon – La Romana
  20. El Limon – Samana
  21. Arroyo Frio – Rio Jamao
  22. La Boca del Rio Yasica – Cabarete
  23. Rio Los 27 Charcos de Damajagua – Puerto Plata
  24. Caves of Cabarete – Cabarete

(Rio = River) (Laguna = Lagoon)

This blog is all about the most beautiful Rivers, Natural Pools and Lagoons you really should visit when you are in the Dominican Republic, this is more than just a top 10 list.

This list will be constantly updated with the latest recommendations of Dominicans and ex-pats of the Dominican Republic. Until we got the completest list of Rivers, Natural Pools, and Lagoons!

If you want to visit you can search the names in Spanish on google and get directions to the beach.

1.Natural Pool San Rafael, Barahona by Hector Rafaelin Cuello

2. Natural Pool Villa Miriam by Hector Rafelin Cuello

3. Natural Pool Comate, Bayaguana

4. River and Pool called La Ventana in Sajoma by Diariolibre

5. Natural Pool with Waterfalls named Salto Alto

6. Natural Pool Las Marias, Neyba

7. Natural Pool Masipedro, Bonao

8. River La Confluencia, Jarabacao by TripAdvisor

9. Natural Pool Las Barias by Yaniris Lopez

10. Natural Pool La Cortina, The Curtain in Jarabacao

11. River Cachon de La Rubia at Santo Domingo East

12. Enriquillo Lake

13. Laguna de Oviedo by Viajar Online

14. Laguna Dudu in Cabrera by Go dominican republic

15. Laguna Gri Gri by Godominicanrepublic

16. Laguna Cabral by Mapio

17. River Los Patos by Diario a Diario

18. River Caño Frio in Samana bz Godominicanrepublic

19. Rio Chavon in La Romana by Godominicanrepublic

20. Salto el Limon, Samana

21. Arroyo Frio – Jamao del Norte

22. La Boca de Yasica in Cabarete by Ciolko Arts

23. Los 27 charcos de Damajagua, Puerto Plata collage

24. Cuevas de Cabarete by Mark

Add your favorite River, Natural Pool, or Lagoon in the comments down below and I will add it to the blog.

Click the name on the list or the picture of your favorite place and you will be redirected to the Google Maps Location immediately.

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  1. Thomas Schrickel says:

    God damn Serafín, your information are better than the marketing efforts of the Ministry of Tourism!!
    Thanks and I hope you continue with this highly inspirational posts.

    1. Serafin Fleischer replied:

      Thank you so much Thomas for your support! I will keep the quality content coming, so people get to see everything the Dominican Republic has to offer!

  2. JJ says:


    1. Serafin Fleischer replied:

      Muchas gracias!

  3. Milly says:

    Laguna dudu? all time favorite ?

    1. Serafin Fleischer replied:

      It’s almost out of this reality! So beautiful. I love this country!