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Dominican Republic on the Map

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In this blog, you will find detailed information on the exact location of the Dominican Republic on the World Map. I will also add some information about the weather you will find on this incredible island.

The island of the Dominican Republic occupies an almost equally distant position between Cuba and Puerto Rico. The Wind Channel separates it from Cuba. The shortest distance is about 77 kilometers, between Cabo San Nicolás in Haiti and Punta Maisie in Cuba.

Another channel, that of La Mona, separates our island from that of Puerto Rico. The shortest distance is about 102 kilometers, between Cabo Engaño, in the Dominican Republic, and Punta Jiguero, in Puerto Rico.

The Dominican Republic on the Map

The Dominican Republic is therefore close to Puerto Rico. San Juan, Puerto Rico capital, is less than an hour’s flight from Santo Domingo the capital of the Dominican Republic, which greatly favors an active commercial exchange.

The proximity of our country to the United States is about 2,500 kilometers to New York, which reduces the distance to three and a half hours from Santo Domingo. It is a two-hour flight to Miami, all of which favors us for economic and cultural relations.

Dominican Republic on the Map

The territory of the Dominican Republic is located between the 18th and 20th parallels. More precisely, between the parallels 17 degrees 40 minutes and 19 degrees 56 minutes north latitude of the Equator.

As the 70th meridian passes through Haina, near Santo Domingo, that should be the one taken to set the official time throughout the territory. But, by international agreement, the 75th meridian has been adopted, which passes through Western Haiti.

Santo Domingo

The Antilles Sea, with some 3.5 million square kilometers of surface, separates Santo Domingo from the coast of South America and Central America. The Atlantic Ocean separates us from the continental lands of North America.


It has a predominantly tropical climate and where rains are abundant, an average temperature between 25–30 ° C, with few exceptions in regions with high altitudes such as Constanza, Jarabacoa, and Ocoa, among others, where the temperature drops to –5 ° C in winter.

The day stretches between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. a year, depending on the season. The rainy season covers from May to November, highlighting May, August and September and, due to its torrential rains, during this time numerous landslides are suffered.

It is prone to hurricanes and on average occurs once every 7–8 years and a tropical storm every 4 years and floods. Throughout the years the North Coast of the Dominican Republic has proven to be the safest area in Hurricane season, thanks to it location.

I hope this Blog about the Dominican Republic on the Map has been helpful and informative to you if you have any questions leave them down in the comments at the end of this blog.

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