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Dominican Republic National Flag

Let me indulge you in everything you need to know about the Dominican Republic Flag, so you know its origin, meanings, and colors. The Flag of the Dominican Republic has a rich history through time, a lot of blood was spilled to reach independence for the inhabitants of this island and to acquire the right of rising their own Flag.

The national flag of the Dominican Republic is one of the main patriotic symbols of Dominicans. Created during the Independence period, it was born from the idea of ​​the Dominican liberal politician Juan Pablo Duarte, and was carried out by Concepción Bona and María Trinidad Sánchez. It was first hoisted in 1844 by the Dominican activist Francisco del Rosario Sánchez.

The flag is formed by a large white cross in the center that divides the banner into four rectangles, while the coat of arms of the Dominican Republic stands out in the center of the crosshead.

Regarding the upper rectangles, the left one, placed next to the pole, is stained ultramarine blue; while the right is vermilion red. The lower ones are opposed, being red the one on the side of the pole and blue the right rectangle.

What do the Colors Mean?

The colors used in the flag have a relevant meaning for Dominicans. Red symbolizes the blood spilled by the fighters of the wars of independence; blue represents the sky that rises over the country and from where God protects the nation and its ideals of progress; white is a symbol of peace and unity among Dominicans.

Main Contributors to the creation of the Dominican Flag

Juan Pablo Duarte

Juan Pablo Duarte

Creating the Dominican Flag

Creating the Dominican Flag

Concepción Bona

Concepción Bona y Hernández

Maria Trinidad Sanchez

Maria Trinidad Sanchez

There is so much more to the fight of independence and the creation of the Dominican Flag, but I don’t want to make this too long. So I will be making another blog about the fight of Independence for the Dominican People. So stay tuned, in the meantime enjoy reading one of these other informative Blog posts.

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