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About Me

I am originally from Germany but have been living the last 14 years on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, of course with some flights back to Germany to remember why I choose to stay in the Caribbean.
The 3 languages I speak fluently are Spanish, English and German. I learned a lot studying in a bilingual private school here on the North Coast, but the most important was that I learned to live around people from all walks of life and countries.

I am a social person and I always give my best to leave good impression behind on the people I meet. Now on the business-side, I decided to step into the Real Estate market 2 years ago completely independent, because I noticed there are so many things that can be done better in this very serious and important business. So I decided to go on my own to have the freedom of doing things my way.

1 Thing has to be clear, I am not here to sell you a property, I’m here to help you find and buy the right property. There’s a big difference, so if you take the decision to invest in the Dominican Republic Real estate market and you want somebody you can trust to take responsibility of your investment, get in touch with me.

You can also get in touch with me if you need to know something about the D.R in General. I’m here for you.

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